Reliable, efficient and precise: The new generation F-type inverting filter centrifuges

    Afbeelding: F2 inverting filter centrifuge

    The newest generation of the F-type inverting filter centrifuges from HEINKEL convinces with efficiency, user-friendliness and refined design. The F series is particularly suitable for fragile, difficult-to-filter products with a fine crystal structure and which need to achieve a high degree of purity and low residual moisture.

    Everywhere where difficult-to-filter, high-quality, physiologically active or explosive substances are intensively washed and separated from liquids, inverting filter centrifuges find their use. They have, similar to the peeler centrifuges, a cylindrical perforated bowl which rotates on a horizontal shaft. In difference to the peeler centrifuges, the inverting filter centrifuges guarantee a heel-free discharge. This allows a fully automatic batch process at constant product quality. To improve the performance of their inverting filter centrifuge as well as increase convenience, reliability and economic viability, HEINKEL has further developed the technology. The result: the newest generation of inverting filter centrifuges, the F series, which is characterized by high efficiency, user-friendliness and refined design.

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